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Lorraine Fico-White at Magnifico Manuscripts is not your average editor. She delves into the story nearly as much as the writer. She knows the characters, the plot, and the direction. This makes her uniquely valuable when working on my books. I spoke with other editors prior to working with Lorraine, but they only touched the surface. Lorraine turns a story inside out until she’s at the heart of the author’s and characters’ messages. With each pass, she asks all of the right questions, driving the author to probe deeper into the story. Lorraine doesn’t settle for mediocrity and makes the editing process enjoyable, which is why she will continue to be my go-to editor for future books.
MK McClintock
Author, Montana Gallagher Series, British Agent Novels, Crooked Creek Series

Working with Lorraine is a unique experience, more like hiring a writing coach than just an editor. Any editor can correct grammar, punctuation, and technical errors, but Lorraine will challenge you and bring out your best effort. Providing constant feedback through the editing/coaching process, she encourages you to find a more appropriate word, use a better action verb, or turn a better phrase. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, your end result is not only a better finished product than you could have imagined, but you will also come away a better writer.
Paul J. Mila
Author, Dangerous Waters; Whales’ Angels; Fireworks; Near Miss, Bubbles Up

When I brought my manuscript to Lorraine Fico-White, I thought it was ready for publication, but her skill and dedication to my vision made it far better. With gentle, yet thought-provoking comments and attention to detail, Lorraine guided me through the long and difficult process of cutting, augmenting, and perfecting my manuscript. Her diligent and patient help often went above and beyond, especially in the final stages of bringing the project to publication. She helped me make Immigrant Soldier, The Story of a Ritchie Boy professional enough to win an IPPY Award. Thank you, Lorraine!
Kathryn Lang-Slattery
Author, Immigrant Soldier, The Story of a Ritchie Boy

Lorraine is the go-to editor to partner with to help you achieve the highest professional appearance possible. She is compassionate and has a genuine interest in your success. Lorraine waves her magic pen and you would honestly think that you wrote your document error free with crystal-clear communication. She does not change your personal brand, she only enhances it. Her patience is unwavering and her focused, soft-spoken yet energetic and tenacious style is the answer to your writing quagmire.
CB Bowman
CEO, Executive Leadership, LLC

As a new author, navigating the wide and ever-changing world of publishing can be daunting. Working with Lorraine has been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences I’ve ever had. She truly invests time and effort in her clients and wants to see them succeed. Her positivity, business know-how, and exceptional work ethic have made her an integral part of my team. Not only did she go above and beyond what a traditional editor offers, she was willing to lend a hand wherever she could. Whenever I had questions or uncertainty, Lorraine was willing to do the legwork and point me in the right direction. She was never too busy or impatient with me as I learned the ropes of what it takes to self-publish a book. Her invaluable guidance and support through my entire journey is what truly helped me reach my goals. Not only did she do an exceptional job as my editor, but she also connected me with numerous other professionals that could help take my book to the next level.
D.D. Miers
Author, Dark Summoner, Relic Keeper Series

I was fortunate to find a wonderful editor—Lorraine Fico-White of Magnifico Manuscripts—to help in the presentation of what I wanted to tell. Her assistance was invaluable. She quickly saw what needed to be changed, added, or eliminated to improve the manuscript’s readability, flow, and interest, and she tactfully influenced me to agree. She deftly guided me through the process and stayed with it until everything was accomplished and grammatically correct. She is extremely professional. I enjoyed working with her and I owe her a debt of gratitude.
Major General William B. Steele, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Author, My Journey

I have worked with many editors and had the opportunity to reach out to Lorraine for my series. There was never an editor that reached the level of perfection that she did. She lived and breathed the characters, the setting, the story. With each edit that we discussed, she brought more and more to the table. She worked with me day in and day out until we were both pleased with the final product. I will continue to use Lorraine for future projects!
Kim Reynolds
Author, The Evening Oak and Dreams in Time

Great job! I know that Cambridge Builders has very competent people in-house who create our written material, but your recent work effort for us demonstrates the significant benefits of having “a new set of eyes” review any important manuscript. After seeing the results of your efforts, I have decided that all of our future written matter, such as brochures, websites, proposals and marketing materials, will be sent to Magnifico Manuscripts for your input. I found your contribution to be cost and time effective, and sending our work product to you for final review allowed us to utilize our own personnel more efficiently. Thanks for a job well done.
Mike Ruskin
President, Cambridge Builders & Contractors

Having used Magnifico Manuscripts both professionally and personally, I can’t say enough about the expert service. As a copywriter, my clients and I appreciate Magnifico’s penchant for thorough, timely proofreading that improves every project. For my son’s college essays, they offered comments that not only made each piece more accurate, but helped him clarify his perspective for essays that shine. Magnifico’s editors truly have a gift for making small changes that have a big impact, and I’d recommend them highly!
Sandi Constantino-Thompson
Owner, Conceptual Copywriting