You write it. We refine it.

At Magnifico Manuscripts, we believe editing should be an interactive, collaborative process where writer and editor work as one. We’re dedicated to maintaining your style of writing and focusing on your goals, while assuring your work is polished and precise. You’ll find we work efficiently, provide thorough and detailed comments, and offer cost-effective pricing.

In most cases, we use the Chicago Manual of Style as our primary reference guide for manuscripts and the Associated Press Stylebook for business correspondence. (If you have a preferred or corporate style guide to follow, just let us know.) To ensure consistency in the editing process, Magnifico Manuscripts will create a personalized style sheet tailored to your work.

Lorraine Fico-White, Owner/Senior Editor


Founder of Magnifico Manuscripts, Lorraine Fico-White holds a degree from Winthrop University. As a certified editor, she provides editing and proofreading services for national and international authors and business professionals. Lorraine works with a network of colleagues who can assist you on your path to publication if you require additional services. These experts include graphic and interior layout designers, illustrators, photographers, ghost writers, copywriters, ebook formatters, and indexers. She also serves in the following capacities:

Lorraine’s passion for the written word carries over from business to her personal life as she enjoys reading and belongs to multiple book clubs. She equally values time spent with family, riding her horse, protecting sea turtles, snorkeling, and relaxing at the beach.

Verna Cole Mitchell, Editor


A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, Verna Cole Mitchell spent 37 years teaching English in secondary schools. In addition to being a teacher of writing, she is a writer herself, with poetry and devotionals as her specialties. Her works have been published in Vista, Evangel, Teachers of Vision, and other publications, with a large number of poems currently scheduled to be published in Faithwriters’ books. In addition, she has four published books of inspirational and humorous poetry. Along with writing, some of her favorite activities include reading, spending time with her family, and baking.

What Do We Look For?

Clarity of conceptsSpelling errorsOrganizational structure
Continuity of contentTypographical errorsPlot structure
Format consistencyLayout consistencyCharacterization and character arcs
Grammatical errorsAudience suitabilityPoint of view issues
Punctuation errorsSentence structureBalance of dialogue and narrative
Word usageStyle consistency